WF_QuickComp is a simple compositing plugin.   It allow to load a picture inside a secondary.

It can be very useful when dealing with a green screen footage or to add texture to a picture.

The 12 “Picture” buttons represent the same layout as the 12 first notes in the Global
grade bin.

Eleven Texture are delivered with the plugin (glass, wood, stone…).

Rnd button, Rand X, Rand Y and Chance slider allows to animate the picture with a trembling effect.

Offset and Scale sliders allow to move and resize the texture. Auto Scale button adapt to the original picture.

The eleven blendmodes are available :

On the right, Use Sec button and Secondary slider are to use the same layouts as in the Colour menu. Invert is
inverting the secondary, it’s independent from the Lustre invert
buttons in Keyer and Geometry. Mask Opacity is also independent from
the Opacity parameter in Lustre.

Load and Save Button are used to load and store presets that take parameters of the current plugin.

Documentation button will open this document.

Reset Button reset the Plugin parameters.

WF Online button will open the Workflowers website.

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