"Sebastian GöhsI finally got the chance to use WF_x plugins and they rock bigtime!
No kidding : these are worth the money! Go get them! :D"

Sebastian Göhs
Senior colorist, Cinepostproduction Geyer Berlin

"Pierre GillI have experienced one of the most exciting things that happened to me on that project.
We were able to do a beautiful black and white much easier and much faster. It made my vision come up very quickly and easily, instead of working hours and hours on different levels.
It was an example of technology and film mixing perfectly."

Pierre Gill
CSC Cinematographer

"Tikhon PendurinWe need to get most of our systems to satisfy our clients, and they raise the bar every day.
We have saved a lot of time thanks to Workflowers training and validation."

Tikhon Pendurin
Chief Executive, Cinelab

"Alexis CadoretteWe used to have issues with film calibration and quality, thanks to the DI color grading training provided by Cédric, we now better manage quality control.
Thus, we are able to use the machines at their best in order to get out of it the most accurate pictures."

Alexis Cadorette
CTO, Fake Studio

"Miguel IcazaThis business is all about quality and confidence, now we know we have the best quality for our film out and are confident we can give the best service to our clients.
In that process, Workflowers has been extremely responsive and really understood our needs, helping us in making the right choice."

Miguel Icaza
CEO, Lupe Post

"Nic SmithThe challenge was to find an infrastructure capable of running just as well on advertising as on film. First, Cédric Lejeune came to train me, and I realized that working with him would allow us to use the machines at their best."

Nic Smith
DI Technical Director, Digital Pictures