WFTV: Vimeo Channel for Flame Premium, Smoke and Lustre Tips and Tricks

WFTV: Vimeo Channel about Workflowers services

Autodesk University Color Management Master Class on Flame 2014




Lustre for Flame and Smoke Users (1938)
An introduction to the Lustre workflow and tools for IFFS users

Mumbai Autodesk Lustre Workshop Oct 2011 (885)
Mumbai, Oct 2011: Presentation of new tools and new workflows with Lustre

S3D Campus 2011 presentation (879)
explaining S3D challenges in post and mastering

Configure Smoke (or Flame) and Lustre for interoperability (3112)
Original Lustre for IFFS document, for pre 2011 versions

Colour Management from Camera to Delivery Digital Cinematography (2036)
Munich 09, workshop for Band Pro/Cinetal

The Right Colour, from Camera to Delivery (1758)
SMPTE Sydney 09, workshop for Sony and Autodesk

Colour management for digital acquisition (2344)
Mumbai July 09, workshop for Autodesk

ASC-CDL and Digital Cinema workflows (3453)




Autodesk TV IBC 2013 Interview

With Tom Parish: Color consistency in postproduction workflows

Autodesk TV NAB 2013 interview

 Elegant Workflow: podcast about visual effects workflows




Flame User Event at NAB 2013 (Video)
Dolby/Cinetal workshop at Broadcast Asia 2013