WF_x Plugins for Autodesk Lustre

Download the latest version on our download page

– unzip the archive (right click Extract on both Linux and Windows)
– run the install script corresponding to your platform:
INSTALL_LINUX: for a Linux machine

note: rendering nodes don’t require a license

configure the WF_init.cfg to match your current Lustre installation directory.
WF_init.cfg is in C:\program files\workflowers\plugins\cfg on Windows and /usr/workflowers/plugins/cfg on Linux.

You must also set the Shared directory depending on your network topology. The shared directory must be set properly to be seen by rendering nodes. It’s necessary for plugins that require to send files to the nodes (WF_QuickComp, WF_3DL).

note: latest WF_x plugins have been tested with and support latest versions of  and Flame Premium and Lustre on Linux. If you have requirements for Windows version please contact us.

Plugins description

WF_3DL: Load a 3D LUT as a plugin: ideal when importing LUT used onset

WF_Blur: A blur plugin where you can blur RGB channels independently

WF_BlurYUV: a blur plugin where you can blur YUV channels independently

WF_BW: a plugin to generate black and white pictures, with more control

WF_CDL: an implementation of the ASC-CDL note for communication with onset grading and VFX

WF_Checker: Grid and checker generator

WF_Clipper: luminance clipper

WF_CrashZoom: A Crash Zoom generator effect

WF_Crisp: camera contour type processing

WF_DeadPixel: Recreate a dead pixel

WF_Degrain: RGB independent degrain processor

WF_Distortion: Multi effect mirrors

WF_EdgeDetect: Edge enhancement

WF_EdgeStr: other edge enhancement

WF_Emboss: emboss plugin

WF_GradeBin: Gradebin pictures exporter

WF_HSL: Hue, Saturation and light corrections

WF_KeyStone: A picture deformation plugin

WF_Lens: A Lens deformation plugin

WF_Noiser: Advance noise generator

WF_Pastel: Two paints effects

WF_Pix: pixellization

WF_QuickComp: simple compositing plugin

WF_Rewire: logical operations between RGB layers

WF_RGBoffset: Offset independently the 3 primitives colors

WF_Shaker: Video shaker

WF_Shudder: TV encryption effect

WF_Solid: mix a layer of pure colour with the picture

WF_StarFilter: Starfilter effect

WF_Tint: Add a layer of pure colour on the picture

WF_Zdiag: config and license checker

Your WF_x plugin here!

Request a license
Please send your hostid as used by Lustre; check the Lustre license or run lmhostid in the Lustre installation directory.
Without a license WF_x plugins will run in demo mode with limited functionnality and watermarking on rendering, except wf_Tint, wf_GradeBin  and wf_CDL that are free.