Project support
You have a specific project of building a new department for stereoscopic programs, TV Series or cinema releases? A complex project involving mix of digital and film camera footage, with visual effects? Workflowers can help you find the best practice and right equipment for your project and your budget.

Transition from Film to Digital
One of the biggest challenge in the transition to digital technologies is the transition of the skills. Cedric Lejeune has been working with traditional lab colour timers and DoPs to define a method to translate their skills into the digital world, with amazing results.

Digital workflow/pipeline optimisation
Every project is special and you want the best for your client. Workflowers unique approach of separating workflow and dataflow allow to provide better flexibility in your facility and be more efficient

Color calibration for all VFX and colour grading systems
With new digital cameras, different display technologies (DLP, LCD, TFT, Plasma, DLP, FED, SED…) and the magical operations in a film laboratory it’s important to be sure the most accurate view of the final output is given to artists to take the right decisions. Workflowers help you chosing the right solution for color management and measure monitoring devices to get the best results.

Production remote fix
Sometimes time is the key and production can’t wait, we can remotely connect to your system, check the problem and fix it.

Software development: plugins, scripts, workflow tools
Sometimes a production could be made 10 times faster with a small plugin or a script to automatize a task. Some are already available at the Products page but we also offer custom software development.

Services available in English and French all around the world.

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