Online support

Over the years the business has changed, deadlines and budgets are tighter so the time and money it takes to fly a French guy to the other side of the planet is sometimes an issue!

That’s the reason why we decided to start Remote Production Support, a new service available now.

Thanks to hi-speed networks remote technologies we can easily connect to your machine and check with you where the problem comes from. Training is also available online, so if you have a particular problem you want to see covered it can be arranged.

Example: an animation studio calls on Monday because they have the colorist to complain about the pictures they deliver. After 1 hour we find in the Nuke node tree why it was wrong. Total cost: 250 USD. Problem fixed in less than 2 hours. This is Workflow!

We work with most softwares on the market and can help you build or fix your workflow!

Interested? It’s urgent? Contact us!