Teads, Workflowers and Hardbricks collaborate on measurements for cloud infrastructures

Teads, Workflowers and Hardbricks have partnered to measure the power consumption of Amazon AWS instances. It’s still an early step in the process of measuring the carbon emissions of cloud infrastructure but it sets the base for open discussions and calls for more transparency from cloud services providers.

The results of this experiment will be presented by Benjamin Davy and Cedric Lejeune at next Network Technology Seminar Event at EBU

Click here to download the presentation

Workflowers to present to European Film Agencies

Benoît Ruiz and Cedric Lejeune have presented the environmental impacts of film production business and their consequences over the legal and commercial aspects. With big announcement from media business such as Netflix committing to carbon neutrality for 2022, adapting rules for financing movies is a must to help the whole sector transition to a more sustainable model. More informations on https://europeanfilmagencies.eu

Workflowers contributing to the Eureca Carbon Calculator

The Eureca Carbon Calculator is a European project designed to provide emission factors specific to the media industry, as a part of the Green Screen project

In most cases CO2 is used as a reference unit. Within the Interreg funded Green Screen project, a detailed study of existing carbon calculators was commissioned. This study not only underlined the importance of measuring impact, but also detected some shortcomings. Existing calculators all differ in what areas they cover, are not always user friendly, have a regional focus (language barriers + lack of regional parameters) or are based on different impact categories.

This makes it difficult to use calculators in an international and standardized setting, particularly for co-productions. The biggest shortcoming might be that calculators are mainly used to report, once a production is finished. They form a snapshot of the finished production, but don’t push production crews into making sustainable choices during the production process.

This gave Green Screen partners from Promalaga, Slovak Film Commission and the Flanders Audiovisual Fund enough reasons to team up for the Pilot Action under Interreg Europe and develop Eureca.

Eureca is a European Environmental Calculator that aims to create a user friendly environmental impact calculator. This calculator can be applied to all kinds of audiovisual productions, covering pre-production, production and post production.

Partnership with Catholic University of Leuven

In partnership with Catholic University of Leuven (Flanders) reliable conversion factors and their correct use will be defined. These conversion factors are based on world class scientific research. These parameters will be applicable at an EU level, allowing for comparable data to be capture. Regional differences will be taken on board, i.e. the energy mix varies across different countries and hence the Carbon impact will differ per country. Eureca, however, will not only look at CO2 but will also measure other types of impact (like toxicity, water use, acidity, etc.). A broad group of stakeholders guide the Eureca development in an advisory group. The stakeholders will ensure that the functionality of the tool is relevant for filmmakers in different regions and they will help to test the tool before it is launched. 

Contribution to Green Games Guide

UKIE trust and Games London in partnership with UN’s initiative Playing for the Planet released the Green Games Guide, a milestone document to show the environmental impact of the video games industry. Benoît Ruiz of Workflowers is the co-author (with Daniel Wood from UKIE), he contributed to the scientific data and innovations that could help the video gaming sector in its challenges with climate and resources. Check it out!


“Another take on the Future of Production” presentation at HPA Tech Retreat

Cedric Lejeune will be presenting at HPA Tech Retreat that will be held online this year. A lot of discussions will be around cloud and remote technologies so it is interesting to review the latest data from Workflowers’ research on carbon emissions in the media sector. You can find our latest report “Carbon emissions report for artists working remotely” in the Publications section.

(FR) Cedric Lejeune participates “Fabrication et Gestion de Production de Films d’Animation” Meetup

French meetup group about animation technology and practices created by CG Wire offered the opportunity to present the environmental challenges of the animation market exposed in our study for Ecoprod and a report on our publication on remote working at Supamonks and our work on datarooms with Hardbricks. It was also an opportunity to talk about the new association launched last week in Valence, la Cartouch’Verte