Workflowers reboot!

Today, 2020 June 2nd, we celebrate the reboot of Workflowers!

Workflowers was founded in 2006 and was known for its consulting and training services, as well as sofware tools, to the postproduction facilities all around the world. Now in 2020 the industry challenges have shifted and Workflowers will be adding new services to its portfolio to help media industry companies transition to a more sustainable model: efficiency is the key word and Workflowers will provide tools and consulting services to measure and optimize the economical and environmental impact of content production workflows.

Cédric Lejeune is known for his work on early digital cinema postproduction workflows and color science. He has developed image processing softwares and a collaborative platform before joining Ymagis where he led the innovation department at Eclair and the development of EclairColor, a HDR solution for cinema available on more than 200 screens in the world. He will continue managing the development of future technologies for the Ymagis group.

Benoit Ruiz has developed the Green Screen‘s technology database for carbon emission mitigation. He’s an environment/innovation expert for Centre National de la Cinematographie (CNC), for Film London and Film Paris Region. He also manages the environmental evaluation of research projects for a CNRS lab specialized in semi-conductors. He will continue his missions with those institutions.

So if it’s different, why calling it Workflowers? Well, it’s a great name, it’s associated to positive things and people have known it for a while. So instead of wasting it, we upcycled it to create something new!

Workflowers is currently working on industry analysis projects and helping companies in their transition to remote workflows and more efficient usage of resource.

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